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Confident EQ8 Designer

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Join me on June 29th for a live (recorded) class in EQ8!

Whether you want to design for yourself or others, this class will set you up to understand the basics of EQ8. I’m a long time user and teacher of EQ8 and you will have access to the videos to watch and rewatch as much as you need.

Set up your EQ8 software and learn the ins and out of using this powerful software to design quilts. We will explore all that is included in the software libraries and where to begin in this class, with a Q&A session too.

More to come in the series:

  • Drawing Your Own Modern Blocks in EQ8
  • Traditional Quilt Layouts in EQ8
  • Row and Medallion Quilt Layouts in EQ8
  • Using the Custom Layout Tools in EQ8
  • EQ8 for Pattern Development

If you aren't available for the live session, it will be recorded and uploaded into the classroom within 24 hours. 6/29 - 1pm mountain time

2 hour Class includes instruction inside the software and Q&A session.

*Introductory pricing ends 6/20

Customer Reviews

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Terry Darling
Love Amy! But not overly impressed with the talk/class.

I was a little disappointed. I thought the presentation was a bit disjointed - not well organized and therefore hard to follow, although I did learn some things about EQ8 which was helpful. I've had EQ8 for quite awhile so I am not a beginner and was hoping for more, I guess. I was unable to access the class video after the class was held.