Getting Started in Improv Quilting

Getting Started in Improv Quilting

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...even if you don't know where to begin!


This 20+ page e-book is the perfect stepping stone from traditional piecing to finding freedom in improv piecing. Being a systematic and precise piecer, Amy understands the block that some quilters face when approached with the idea of improv piecing. 

Instruction and sewing exercises to guide you as you begin your journey into improv piecing are included.


  1. Cutting without a ruler
  2. Deciding what or how to piece
  3. Scrap bin fun
  4. Color theory
  5. Solids vs. Prints
  6. Making strip sets
  7. Exploring improv triangle units
  8. Exploring the Log Cabin block
  9. Improv and paper or foundation piecing
  10. Deciding when it’s done
  11. Finding continuity in your work
  12. Piecing a quilt top
  13. Honing your craft


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