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Amy Ellis

Beginner Quilt Patterns - Set of 5 PDF Quilt Patterns

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Five patterns to give you an excellent foundation in piecing quilts. There's video tutorials for these quilts too!

Color Shift

I love playing with the movement of color in my quilts, and this is a simple way to experiment and grow this skill as a quilter. You will need to select six fabrics in the same color family to achieve the gradient. Alternately you could use bold, complementary colors to make a color palette sing!
Scaling the blocks instead of making more for the larger sizes, keeps this quilt simple and a quick sew no matter what size quilt you decide to make.
Sizes options included in the pattern:
Baby - 40" x 48"
Throw - 60" x 72"
Twin - 80" x 96"
King - 90" x 108"

Modern Wedge

With minimal fabric choices, you can focus on learning how to make a great half-square triangle. (HST) These triangles come up often in classic quilt patterns, and gaining the confidence to make a few for this quilt will make the next set a breeze! Take your time and enjoy the process.
This modern quilt is eye-catching and can be customized with any colors you desire. I can’t wait to see your quilt!
Quilt sizes included in the pattern:
Baby - 49" x 49"
Throw - 67" x 76"
Twin - 76" x 103"
King - 112" x 112"

Patchwork Plus

Oversized blocks make this geometric quilt fun to make, big or small! Value plays a big role in the neutral fabrics here. Carefully select light, medium and dark tones to add depth and movement to your quilt.
Quilt sizes included in the pattern:
Baby - 48" x 48"
Throw - 72" x 72"
Twin - 72" x 96"
Queen - 96" x 96"
King - 120" x 120"

Pickle Juice

Pickle Juice is a simple, graphic quilt that can be made in any color combination you desire! I can’t wait to see your favorite colors together! The background fabric. includes the binding too. Make your choices and get started!
Quilt sizes included in the pattern:
Baby - 45" x 45"
Throw - 63" x 72"
Twin - 72" x 99"
King - 99" x 99"

Sparkle Star

Stack up these alternating blocks to add a secondary pattern. This is a great skill builder if you are a new quilter with many options to personalize in the fabric combinations. The star emerges due to the deep tone in the triangles, keep this in mind as you select fabrics. If all your fabrics are of the same or similar value, your stars won’t sparkle. Look for three decidedly different tones when selecting your fabrics.
Sizes included in the pattern:
Baby - 45" x 45"
Throw - 63" x 72"
Twin - 72" x 90"
Quinn - 99" x 99"

Paper Patterns available here
**PDF Patterns are delivered via a zip file after purchase. If using a tablet or phone to download, make sure to use an app to unzip/uncompress the folder of files.

Customer Reviews

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Fran M.
spring 2019 PDF quilt pattern set

Great I always love your patterns so easy to make

Kathy M.
Love love these patterns Amy

I haven’t made any of these patterns yet but I was smitten with them as soon as Amy released them. I received 5 professionally written, thorough, printer friendly (concise, few pages), beginner friendly patterns all bundled into Über good price. I’m the most tech challenged sewist ever and had trouble downloading my zip files. (I didn’t know such thing existed or that they have to be “unzipped”). 😳
Before I had time to contact Amy she reached out to check on me. I told her I was struggling to download and save my patterns. She explained the “mystery” of zip files and how to unzip them in a way that even I could understand. So, my review: Top Shelf Quality Patterns for 5 Gorgeous Quilts plus a galaxy of gold stars for Amy’s Bonafide concern for her customers’ satisfaction and success with her patterns!

Denise C.
Great patterns

I have made one quilt and am excited to make more. Fun, quick, simple and beautiful!

Great deal

This was a great deal and the instructions are easy to understand. Pickle Juice fabric has been pulled and is waiting to be cut. Always excited to start a new project!!

Diane B.
Best Purchase EVER

Great patterns - great bargain!! Made two of the quilts already - so easy!! Keep the patterns coming Amy!!